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About us

Welcome to
Ronikal Energy

Ronikal Energy is one of the leading Renewable Energy solution providers in Pakistan, founded in 1996, head office located in the heart of Pakistan’s trading and economic hub – Karachi, Pakistan. With its industrial expertise, cutting edge research and development lab, and technical capabilities, Ronikal Energy can provide operations in various cities and villages throughout Pakistan.
We at Ronikal believe our true value lies within the hard work, proven experience, safety and customer-centric solutions, which we can bring to every job or project. We aim to offer our customers the intensive development of technology and provide expert technical support for rapid improvement in their efficiencies & competencies for long term sustainability and growth.

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  • How much space do I require for my solar system?
    Typically, 100sq ft. per kW.
  • What are my solar financing options? Do I avail Net-Metering?
    If you want to go solar but aren’t ready to drop the full amount in cash, there is good news. Ronikal Energy in Partnership with Tesla Solar offering you the easiest way to avail solar financing.
  • What is net-metering?
    Net-metering allows utility customers offset or sell some or all of their self-produced electricity from Ronikal's net metered system through bi-directional meters. And at the end of the month, the customer is billed only for the net electricity used. Net-metering only works for grid-connected systems and there is no concept battery backup on the on-grid system.
  • Our Objectives
    To expand the global Renewable industry to provide clean & Green energy through the best possible customer service, quality of products and competitive prices.
  • Our Vision
    To be the leading, innovated Energy company and serve it globally.
  • Our Core Values
    We are independent, we accept responsibilities, we are highest quality provider in everything we do, we are trustworthy, we are innovative, our employees are the key factor in our company.

What We Do

Net Metering & Solar Financing

Ronikal Energy works as a service provider for the benefit of the consumers under its net metering program. We also provide finance with tesla partnership…

Off-Grid/Hybrid Solar Solution

Ronikal Energy has got the best expertise to design and develop an Off-grid or Hybrid system. We are experienced in the implementation of these complex solar…

Energy Audit/Consultancy

Ronikal Energy has a team of commercial energy consultants that uses state-of-the-art technologies to monitor critical electrical loads. We use web-enabled load monitors that collect…

Wind/Hydro Power Solution

Ronikal Energy develops and operates Small-Scale PV and other clean energy generation facilities throughout Pakistan from wind farms to small Hydro Electric power plant and…

Operation & Maintenance

Ronikal Energy is a full-service provider with main focus on engineering/consultancy services and O&M. We also execute remote monitoring, which allows us for quick action…

DC Solar Solution & Solar Street Light

Ronikal's DC Solar kit is a 12-volt battery system, mostly used for small application such as battery charging or running basic DC load. This system…

Solar Water Pump Solution

Ronikal Energy provides solar water pumping solution in Pakistan specifically in Sindh and has already installed a number of solar water pumps in domestic &…

On Grid / Grid Tie Solar Solution

Ronikal Energy is an On-Grid Net-Metering solution provider, we have successfully installed many systems along with successful Net-Metering. We will also expect to grow in the…

What We Do


Solar Inverters, Solar Panels, Solar Street Lights, Batteries, Mounting Frames, Accessories, Water Pumps & inverters

On-site installation

Ground & Roof Mounting Installation, Experienced Team for Project execution, On Site Management, Industrial Grade Installation

Consultancy & Auditing

Green Energy Audit, Load Management, Consultancy/Audit, System Design Consultancy, Products Consultancy, Custom Clearance/Import Consultancy

Engineering Procurement & Construction

Optimized in-house engineering & design, Procurement strategy based on approved Tier-1 suppliers, Energy storage integration and Grid Tie solutions/products supply, Electrical substations and grid interconnections, Civil Work/CAD Design

Development & Planning

Site identification and assessment, Energy yield studies & optimization, Electricity grid interconnections, Planning and building, Project Development, Project Pipeline Acquisition, Financial feasibility, R&D Lab

Operation & Technical Support

Preventive maintenance programs, Spare parts management, Site maintenance, 24/7 remote plant monitoring, Plant availability guarantees. Repairing Centre, 24/7 Customer Care Centre