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Patio Heaters



A patio heater is an outdoor radiant heating appliance designed to generate thermal radiation, enabling comfortable outdoor use. It can be operated using either LPG or NG fuel sources. As summer transitions to cooler evenings, patio heaters become indispensable for extending outdoor gatherings well into the fall season. Even as temperatures drop, these heaters provide the ideal amount of warmth to keep your patio cozy, ensuring you can continue enjoying outdoor activities long after sunset.

There are several kinds of patio heater with a different appearance, but if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, consider the Light fire Ronikal’s Patio Heater. These models look like something you’d find in a high-end hotel. Our heater’s sleek lines, built-in LED lights, beautiful glass tubes showcasing the inner flame makes it more stylish among all the heaters.

Our patio heater boasts several safety features, including a tilt safety switch and failure safety mechanism, ensuring peace of mind during use. Enhancing its functionality, it comes with an add-on LED multicolor base equipped with remote control and battery backup. Compatible with both LPG and NG, this heater offers versatility in fuel options. Additionally, it provides targeted torso to head heating without causing discomfort, making it an ideal choice for outdoor relaxation without the worry of migraines. The quartz tube offered boasts a maximum heat input of 11.5 kW and 39,000 Btu, ensuring efficient performance. Featuring impulse ignition, it offers hassle-free operation. With a consumption rate of 815 g/h, it optimizes fuel usage, providing cost-effectiveness. Operating at a gas pressure range of 28-50 mbar, the unit adapts flexibly to various gas mixtures, enhancing its versatility and suitability for diverse applications. Operating at a gas pressure range of 28-50mbar.

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