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Smart Water Geysers



Tesla’s Smart water geysers are basically Hybrid in nature and that quality makes it different and super-efficient apart from local standard geysers. Our smart geysers can be operated on Gas, Electricity and Solar. For the start-up, it will look for the cheaper source that is Gas then Electricity and if you are operating it on solar then in day time it will utilize solar energy and save your utility bills, you can see how environmentally friendly it is.

The Other most significant feature of our smart water Geyser is its Wi-Fi connectivity or remote control. You can now control Time, Temperature and source (Gas, Electric or solar) just by a single touch or you can operate and set up your geyser temperature from anywhere in this world.

Our product boasts a touch screen interface, ensuring ease of use for all users. Its 24-hour scheduling feature intelligently avoids heating during peak tariff hours, optimizing energy usage. Additionally, users have the option to program a water temperature limit according to their preferences. With the convenience of onboard or remote turn on/off functionality and 24-hour scheduling, controlling your heating system has never been easier. The system is also compatible with Android and iPhone apps, providing seamless integration with your smart devices. Furthermore, it includes features such as auto ignition, vacation mode, and a 4-hour battery backup for added convenience and peace of mind. In the event of gas load shedding, it automatically switches to an electric heater to ensure continuous operation. Safety features such as fast heating automatic overheating shutoff and fail-safe mechanisms are built in, while a boost button caters to unscheduled demands. Additionally, the system includes an electric element with the option for solar addon, offering sustainable heating solutions.

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