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Solar Street Lights & DC Kit



Ronikal Energy is providing solutions for quality solar street lights and dc kit to brighten Pakistan. Our after-sale support and the reliable network is the complete service package that you are looking for. Ronikal energy will help you power your streets and we promise the best customer service with the best possible products.


Solar Street lighting systems means to provide lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation. They have been installed on highways, freeways, neighborhood streets, rural areas etc. and provide security, sustainability and an overall green image. Ronikal is providing you with a personalized design to operate the solar street lights that you have requested. Our design team bases every system on the fixture’s power consumption as well as the sun’s availability at the installation site. Taking into account the local weather, the battery backup offers an extended battery with a minimum depth of discharge.

The solar panel array features welded rear channel mounting brackets for secure installation and durability. Equipped with GEL batteries, it ensures efficient energy storage for prolonged usage. Integrated control electronics streamline operation, while an auto on-off feature enhances convenience and energy management.


Our Solar DC kit is ideal for diverse applications like 12-volt battery setups, small home use, off-grid areas, and portable setups for road trips or fishing boats. Comprising solar panels, batteries, a charge controller, LED lights, and a portable fan, it offers a complete DC system solution. Perfect for farmhouses, forestry, villas, and any location without grid access.

Renewable Product: Compact design with a wide range of solar PV input, ensuring compatibility with various renewable energy sources. Features overload protection for enhanced safety. Easy to handle and carry, offering convenience in installation and maintenance.

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