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Energy Audit Consultancy



At Ronikal Energy, we offer energy auditing services with the goal of examining present energy requirements and consumption that exceeds acceptable technical limits. An energy audit (EA) is a collection of procedures that finds and measures feasible energy savings, offers a method for achieving energy efficiency, and serves as a financial instrument for project finance.

When it comes to managing and advancing investment selection processes beyond economical modeling, energy auditing is a highly useful technological tool. It provides a strong base for managing energy use and operating expenses. Our goal at Ronikal Energy is to give our clients the best possible energy auditing services so they may save as much money and energy as possible.

Our team of experts consider a wide range of elements when performing your energy audit and provide a concise picture of the energy consumption in your production unit, business workplace and of the facilities at your unit. We can give you the workable advice based upon a quantitative analysis from our experts. 

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses renewable technology feasibility assessments, ensuring that your energy solutions align with your goals and resources. From meticulous energy measurement and verification to thorough reviews of energy tariffs, we provide the groundwork for informed decisions. Our expertise extends to air-conditioning pre-inspections and LED lighting feasibility studies, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. We’re committed to ensuring compliance with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards through rigorous audits tailored to your needs. Additionally, our proficiency in mechanical ventilation systems and renewable energy systems ensures holistic solutions tailored to your requirements. With our services, embark confidently on your journey towards sustainable energy practices.

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