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Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s

  • How much roof space do you need?
    1.0 KW system needs approximately 100 ft2.
  • How do I purchase a PV Solar Electric System?
    Simple. Contact Ronikal Energy, we will provide you with a Turn Key Solution.
  • How long will it take to install?
    It typically takes 3-4 days for the professional installation of PV Solar Electric System. Ronikal Energy has a team of reputable, licensed and professional installers that will complete the job to your satisfaction. Ronikal Energy will assist you from the purchase of your system to the flick of the switch that turns it on.
  • What is the maintenance procedure once I have Solar PV installed at my premises?
    A simple cleaning process is required to maintain the solar PV modules. However, the schedule of cleaning depends on the site dynamics which is suggested by the certified technical team of Ronikal Energy.
  • How much space do I require for my solar system?
    Typically, 100sq ft. per kW
  • Can I get a customized system according to my need?
    Yes, you can get it. Just set a meeting with Us.
  • What type of Solar system is the best for My Need?
    Off-Grid System/Hybrid System If you’re a residential Consumer and facing excessive load shedding problem, Off-grid /Hybrid system is best for you, for details Contact us. On-Grid system : If you want to reduce your electricity bills and earn from your own generated electricity through Reverse metering.

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Ronikal energy is an authorized distributor of Tesla Industries.

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